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… the founder of Atkinson Drive Homeschool. I’m a passionate advocate for homeschooling and a proud parent of two boys who have been exclusively homeschooled for the past six years. Growing up as the child of an educator, I’ve been fortunate to gain a unique perspective and knowledge base that has proven invaluable on our home education journey.

My vision for this space is to empower new and struggling homeschool families to discover their perfect parent-powered learning routine. I’m here to simplify your life! Let’s create an environment where your children’s schooling truly feels like home. Welcome to Atkinson Drive Homeschool!

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Does any of this sound familiar?


There are so many curriculum options

One of the most common challenges for new homeschooling families is the overwhelming number of options available. Choosing the right curriculum that aligns with your child’s learning style, interests, and educational goals can be daunting.


Juggling multiple grades is tough

Many families find themselves homeschooling with multiple children at different grade levels. It can be challenging to manage and juggle multiple curricula simultaneously.


Your children learn differently

Each child may have a different learning style, and finding a curriculum that caters to individual needs can be a struggle. 


Curriculum Choices

I have created a resource that helps you figure out what type of homeschooling you want to feature in your home. Along with that, I’ve included a list of 50 A+ Curriculum Choices to help you narrow down your selection. 

Selection Guide

Managing one child can be difficult, let alone multiple children in various grades and stages. This is addressed in the Curriculum Compass so you can start your homeschool journey with ease – no matter how many children you’re teaching.

Curriculum Worksheet

You can’t always rely on a one-size-fits-all curriculum. Not only do I have a resource to walk you through various homeschool methods, but I’ve included a worksheet to help you narrow down which options are best for your family.


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Download the freebie

Transitioning to homeschool can be fraught with peril – OK that might be an exaggeration. But, the move from a traditional school mentality into a homeschool life does tend to have its hiccups. Which is why I’ve made this list of 10 Common Curriculum Mistakes: Things to Avoid When Starting on Your Homeschool Journey …



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“Dear friend, don’t let the bustling culture determine the needs of your own children. You get to choose how they grow up. You can protect their time, energy, and imagination. You are the gatekeeper of the garden of their childhood.” 

Ainsley Arment

“The best education does not happen at a desk, but rather engaged in everyday living – hands-on, exploring, in active relationship with life.”

Vince Gowman

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